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Create your courier profile and start receiving offers from our restaurant partners !

Flexible Job and Great fees

Make money in your free time using your vehicle.

Great fees

Make fast, paid deliveries wherever you are, and at any time. For each delivery, you receive a fee depending on the distance travelled.

Growing possibility

Gain even more by being connected and located in strategic areas of the city. Get yourself noticed by restaurants and become their favorite courier.

Manage your business via the App

Consult your account online and manage your delivery offers. Accept deliveries and increase your referencing with partner restaurants.

Take advantage of opportunities

Access our hundreds of restaurants in your city and make the most of their offers. Discover your city and build your network, they are waiting for you!

Equipments provided

We provide you with all the necessary equipment to transport your meals efficiently. Don't be embarrassed, we are at your service.

Close to you

Get help from our technical support at any time. Contact us if you have any technical problems or problems with the equipment supplied.

What you'll need

  • A bicycle or scooter/motorbike with relevant safety equipment.
  • Smartphone - Android 4.1 or above or iPhone 4s or above.
  • Be at least 18 years old.

How does Quidely Eat work for couriers?

A restaurant sends you a delivery offer

A restaurant selects your profile and sends a delivery offer.

You take the order

You accept the offer then you go and take the order.

You give back the order to the client

You drive to the client's and give back the order.

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